Trendy Designs to Think Over When Constructing a Concrete Pool On Your Property

While there is a wide selection of new-age materials that you can choose for residential pool building, such as fibreglass and vinyl, there is a reason why concrete remains a go-to option for many Australian homeowners. Not only does the robustness of concrete ensure that your swimming pool will endure the harsh climate that it will be exposed to but this material is one of the most easily customisable options available.

Having full control over the shape, size and any features that you want to incorporate into the design of your swimming pool works to ensure this amenity looks like a seamless part of your property. If this unparalleled flexibility is making it difficult for you to decide what style will suit your backyard, consider the following trendy designs that would work great with a concrete pool.

Freeform concrete pool design

If you are keen on constructing a concrete pool that will look like a pre-existing element in your backyard, you may want to consider a freeform design. As the name suggests, this type of design is characterised by irregular shapes that look like natural water bodies rather than a symmetrical structure. The great thing about freeform design is that you can work around the features in your backyard.

For example, if you already have a rock formation in the middle of the backyard, the pool builders will simply excavate around it. To make the most of the freeform pool design, you should integrate features that will make this swimming pool appear to be like an oasis in your backyard. Plants with long fronds, natural stone pavers and visually interesting rocks will all contribute to the overall aesthetic value of the concrete pool.

Infinity concrete pool design

If you want your swimming pool to transform your property into a resort-like space, an infinity pool will be the best option for your residence. Commonly found in hotels, infinity pools are undeniably stunning. The negative edge that they are characterised by creates the illusion of your backyard extending into the horizon, which can elevate the value of your property by making it appear more expansive than it is.

Nonetheless, there are a couple of considerations to bear in mind when leaning toward infinity pool design. For starters, you need adequate space in your backyard. While these smalls can be small in size, you need to have sufficient room for the catch basin where the water from the negative edge streams into. Secondly, infinity pools work best on a property with spectacular views to soak in. Hence, you may want to embark on an extensive landscaping project beforehand. Contact a concrete pool company for more information.