Three Planning Guidelines for Building a Residential Infinity Pool

If you are thinking about building a pool, you should consider the merits of an infinity pool on your residential property. In general, infinity pools are favoured over the basic alternatives because of their visual impact. These structures are built to provide an illusion of a pool that merges with surrounding landscaping features or flows to the horizon. This makes the design capable of transforming bland property into a magical environment. Unfortunately, infinity pools can be complicated and difficult to build. Therefore, consider these tips when planning for this type of project.

Evaluate the Space

Infinity pools are elaborate in comparison to regular structures. Therefore, if you are interested in this design, you must make certain that you have sufficient space for the setup. You do not have to have an extensive piece of land. However, the construction area should be large enough to build a sizeable pool and a catch basin with significant water holding capacity. Keep in mind that the water in the main pool must flow to the lower basin continuously to create the illusion of a seamless vanishing edge. So, if the holding area is small, there will be functional problems.

Think About the Slope

Under ideal circumstances, an infinity pool should be built on a sloping piece of land. The drop-off will not only create a better visual impact, but it will also simplify the construction of the pool. The natural slope will allow the water to cascade from the main pool to the lower area without much land modification during construction. However, this does not mean that an infinity pool cannot be built on a flat lot. The design will require the main pool to be installed above the ground to give it more elevation. Then, the lower pool will be built in the ground to allow for consistent water flow.

Check the Surroundings

It is advisable to evaluate the general appearance around the property before installing the pool. Typically, an infinity pool will have more impact if the surrounding environment is beautiful. Therefore, you should think about the best way to improve the visual impact of the structure. For instance, the orientation of the pool will determine which scenery that swimmers will look at. You should compare the different options for positioning your infinity pool to effectively capture the best scenery. Take into account the natural environment, the structures around your home and the movement of the sun before making your decision.

Designing and building an infinity pool is an intricate process. Therefore, consult an infinity pool builder for planning and construction.