2 potential reasons why your pool water is dirty

There are several possible reasons why the water in your swimming pool is dirty. Continue reading to find out what these reasons are and what you can do to rectify this issue.

1. Your pool pump's impeller might be clogged up

If your pool water looks murky and unclean, then you may need to have a pool contractor unblock the impeller inside your pool pump.

This component plays an important role in enabling the pool pump to perform its function (that is, to recycle the pool water and remove particulates from it). The impeller is the part which helps to move the dirty water through the pool pump and into the filtration system, where it is then thoroughly filtered and subsequently delivered back to the pool (again, with help from the impeller).

If you and your family don't wear swimming caps when you spend time in the pool or if you aren't quick to remove rubbish (like food wrappers) when the wind blows them into the water, then your loose hair strands and refuse may clog up the impeller inside the pool pump. This may then obstruct the flow of water through the pump, which may stop the pump from moving the water through the filtration system. This will result in your pool water becoming increasingly dirty.

If this is the cause of your pool water problem, then it is best to have a contractor clean out the impeller, as this process will involve dismantling the pool pump and putting it back together again, which can be difficult to do if you do not have a lot of experience with handling pool pumps.

2. Your pool was built directly underneath several trees

If your pool is located outdoors, then its water might be dirty because of the trees that hang over the pool. The presence of trees near this structure will not only result in twigs and leaves falling into the water but will also increase the number of bacteria-laden bird droppings that enter the pool.

The leaves and twigs could potentially clog up your pool filter (and thus prevent it from filtering out particulates), whilst the bird droppings may increase the number of micro-pathogens in the water (which will not only make the water look dirty but could also make it less safe to swim in, as chlorine will not kill every single microbe in your pool).

If this is the source of the issue and you don't want to cut the offending trees down, then it might be a good idea to have a pool contractor build an enclosure over your pool. An enclosure of this kind is usually made from transparent polycarbonate or tempered glass and can serve as a barrier that will stop tree-related debris from getting into your pool water.