Why Glass Pool Fencing Remains On Trend

For some homeowners, having to install pool fencing is not something they look forward to. A common assumption is that this fencing will make their property look significantly smaller, not to mention that it will also detract from the kerb appeal of their yard. However, the only reason why your pool fencing would do this is if you select the wrong materials. If you want your residence to appear great while still being able to make use of functional fencing, you should consider glass pool fencing. The following are just a few of the reasons why glass pool fencing remains on trend in Australia.

Glass pool fencing adds a contemporary aesthetic to your property

If you would like to enhance the appearance of your yard, a glass pool fence is the right mix of clean lines and modern appeal. Over the years, homeowners are becoming more aware of the architectural appeal of their residence. Thus, beauty is being given priority when it comes to residential additions. Glass has the versatility of complementing any structural style, so you do not have to worry about your new fence clashing with your property. Moreover, the glass can be customised to be as low-profile or as conspicuous as you would want, since you can choose to modify it through different methods such as acid staining, etching, sandblasting and more.

Glass pool fencing maximises your views and light

Two elements that are essential in both exterior and interior decorating are incorporating spectacular views and maximising natural light. When you choose to erect a solid fence using opaque building materials, you limit both of these elements in your pool area. Glass pool fencing would be a better choice, as you can be assured you would not have any views obstructed on your property. So if your property overlooks a beautiful seascape or cityscape, your fencing will not be in the way. Secondly, the transparency of the glass will ensure that your pool area is well illuminated. This enhanced illumination not only means fewer shadows, but it also translates into the space being warmer since it will always be bathed in sunlight.

Glass pool fencing is not maintenance intensive

When contemplating pool-fencing materials, some homeowners do not consider the maintenance that comes with certain materials. For example, timber is one of the most affordable options. However, the exposure to water translates into the need to consistently seal the fence, or it will develop rot and decay. A glass pool fence may be higher priced, but keeping it looking good as new will be as simple as an occasional wipe down.