Pool Cleaning Equipment Defined

When you own a pool, you need to work to keep it clean; adding chemicals to the pool water usually is not enough for a clean or even a healthy environment in the pool. If you're new to owning a pool or want to get rid of your pool cleaning company and clean your own pool, you'll need the right equipment to get started. Note a few of the pieces that are usually required so you know where to begin shopping and what each piece does for your pool.


Vacuuming the bottom of a pool removes anything that is too heavy to float along the surface and get skimmed. A pool vacuum consists of a vacuum head that attaches to a pole; the pole then attaches to a hose. When shopping for vacuums, the head is the most important part; look for one that is weighted with wheels for a concrete pool, but for a vinyl pool, you'll want one with a soft brush instead of wheels. Those wheels of other vacuum heads might tear up a vinyl liner. The larger the vacuum head, the quicker the job of cleaning your pool, so invest in the largest one you can afford.


Brushing the sides of your pool along the water line will keep algae from building up and will keep the pool looking its best. Stainless steel brushes are good for concrete pools where algae might seep into the material's small pits and pores, whereas the steel will be too harsh for vinyl pools or porcelain tile. Look for soft plastic or nylon bristles for these other materials, and be sure to shop for an angled brush as well as a straight edge brush. The angle is good for brushing around steps and in corners that are too tight for a wide, straight brush.

Pumice stones

Pumice stones are soft and porous and are often sold in a beauty supply store, as they can gently rub away calluses on feet. They are also used to clean localized stains in pools. The soft surface of the pumice won't damage the pool's surface but this stone is rough enough to rub away food stains, rust stains, paint droplets, and the like. Some pumice stones fit on the end of the pole you use for vacuuming whereas other are simply handheld; you can use them as you submerge in the pool to remove spots that are too tough for your standard brush or vacuum to address.

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