Reasons to Opt For Glass Pool Fencing

If you are planning to construct a swimming pool, one of the considerations you should have is upholding the safety of your pool. One of the best ways of ensuring that either pets or children unattended do not access the pool is through the installation of fencing. However, with the numerous fencing options, you may find yourself a tad overwhelmed at making the most appropriate selection for your needs. One of the options that is steadily becoming popular among homeowners is glass pool fencing. Here are some of the reasons to opt for glass pool fencing. 

Glass pool fencing ensures unobstructed views

With other types of fencing, your pool is cordoned off by opaque materials, thus making it hard for you to have a direct view of it. This means you cannot be completely sure of what may be going on at the pool area if you are not in the vicinity. With glass pool fencing, you are afforded an uninterrupted sight line to your pool, no matter where on the premises you are. This enables you to keep tabs on what is going on, thus greatly reducing the risk of drowning.

Glass pool fencing is sturdy

A common misconception people have is that since this type of pool fencing is made of glass, that it will not be able to withstand high impact. The truth of the matter though is that glass pool fencing is created with tempered glass. This glass is toughened either using a controlled chemical treatment or undergoing a thermal treatment. This makes the glass pool fencing much tougher than regular glass used for household applications. Therefore, you can rest assured your fencing will not shatter in the event children or pets run into it. 

Glass pool fencing is water resistant

When considering pool fencing, you have to take into account that it will constantly be exposed to moisture. As such, some traditional fencing options such as wood may require extra maintenance to ensure they do not succumb to water damage. This may involve constantly resealing the wood and this could prove to be quite expensive in the long run. Other fencing options such as wrought iron may seem like an attractive option, but they will also need additional care to ensure they do not corrode over time. With glass pool fencing, you can rest assured that you will not have to worry about water damage. Additionally, you can opt for frameless glass if you would like to eliminate steel frames that may also succumb to corrosion with over exposure to moisture.