4 Important Things That You Should Consider Before Installing That Solar Pool Heater

Most people would prefer to take a dip in a warm pool as opposed to a cold one. If you share the same sentiments, then one of the best ways you can use to heat your pool water is through solar heaters. These are very cost-friendly in the long term. Besides, there is plenty of sun in this part of the world to heat your pool all day long.

However, before you jump and install a solar pool heating system from a company like Pool Solar & Spa, consider the following factors first:

Size of the solar collector panels

Solar heaters heat your pool by passing the water through heat collecting panels. Larger heat collector panels can therefore accommodate and heat more water per any given hour. Before buying a solar heater system, consider what size of collector panels is ideal for your needs. This should be guided by the size of your pool, the desired pool temperature, and the amount of solar energy available to your pool. If not sure, it's best to ask a solar technician or to compare with other pool owners using the same heating system.

Solar heater type

There are two different types of solar pool heaters: glazed and unglazed. Glazed heaters are more costly and are designed to collect heat even in very low temperatures. Luckily, the temperatures are quite favorable in Australia. That said, an unglazed pool heater system will work just fine. Unglazed solar collectors are more affordable so you won't break bank either when getting one.

Positioning and tilt of the solar heat collectors

Once you have obtained your solar heating system, another crucial decision that you have to make is where and how to install the collector panels. In terms of position, the closer the panels are to the pool, the cheaper it will be because you'll need fewer connecting pipes. As for the tilt, that will depend on when you plan to use the pool. Tilt the panels in such a way that they collect the most energy just before you use the pool, e.g. morning or afternoon.

Use of a pool blanket

Last but not least, consider using a pool blanket with your solar heater system, pool blankets are laid over the pool just like pool covers (they can in fact be used as pool covers). Once laid over the pool, they help keep the heated pool warm by preventing heart loss via evaporation and radiation. Transparent pool blankets also contribute in heating the pool by allowing sun rays to stream through. Using a pool blanket with your solar pool heater will therefore help to warm your pool faster and keep it that way for longer. Using a pool blanket can also reduce the size of solar heat collectors you need in the first place.

Once you evaluate the above 4 factors, you will be sure of picking a solar pool heater that will heat your pool effectively just in time for that dip.